Learn how we help with small business owners

Osborn Watts & Co. offers full service accounting that is tailored specifically to the needs of each small business client.

Listed below are just a few of the services our team of dedicated professionals provide to clients on a daily basis.

Financial statement preparation

Reliable financial statements  – annual, monthly, and quarterly – can provide a guideline for the direction of your company. Our dedicated team prepares financial statements that will help you make the best decisions at the most opportune times for your business. We can help you analyze and interpret financial statements and guide your business, keeping you aware of opportunities and away from pitfalls.

Corporate and personal tax planning and preparation

We provide a complete array of tax planning and compliance services related to corporate and personal income tax.

We can help with every step of the process from organizing your financial information to e-filing your return. We service a variety of individuals and take the time to get to know our clients’ objectives, needs and concerns.

GST and PST assistance, filing, and preparation

The Goods and Services Tax and Provincial sales tax systems are extremely complex tax regimes. We can help you determine the tax obligations of your business within these systems and assist with the preparation and filing of your returns.

Payroll and deduction remittances

Issuance of wages, salaries, bonuses, shareholder payments and other remuneration requires careful attention to tax deductions, rules and legal obligations. We can provide experienced advice with all your payroll needs.

T4’s, T5’s NR4’s, T5018 and other tax slip preparation and filing

Tax information slip filing is can be very difficult and arduous. Our experts can assist you or provide full preparation and filing of government tax information slips and other forms in relation to your business.

Monthly, quarterly and annual bookkeeping

Accurate and up-to-date bookkeeping enables you to get a clear picture of your business’s financial health and profitability. Combined with the financial statements we prepare, we can help guide your business into a secure future. Our team of professionals can handle all aspects of your business’s bookkeeping, giving you the time and confidence to do what you really love.

Estate and succession planning

It is never to early to start estate planning for the future of your business and/or assets. We can help you plan for thefuture, and that of your family, business and assets while minimizing tax consequences.


Our commitment to you does not end once your taxes have been filed. At Osborn Watts & Co. we want to be sure that your business is operating at its peak performance. Our knowledgeable and experienced team can provide year-round business guidance and tax planning and compliance assistance.